FAQ List:
  • 2010-03-25FAQ129. Q:Which type of Z-ray boat are available?
  • 2010-03-25FAQ134 . Q:How to replace the built-in safety valve?
  • 2010-03-25FAQ138. Q:Can I mount an outboard motor onto my boat, if so what size motor is recomm...
  • 2010-03-25FAQ139. Q:What can I do if my boat is leaking air?
  • 2010-03-25FAQ143. Q:What type of Navigator boat are available?
  • 2010-03-25FAQ145. Q: Are there replacement accessories available to purchase?
  • 2010-03-24FAQ137. Q:What’s the max. loading weight of wooden bench for Z-ray boat?
  • 2010-02-05FAQ141. Q:Other than a motor mount kit is there any other way to mount a motor to my ...
  • 2010-02-05FAQ148. Q:Why my electric pump can not fill the boat to rigidity?
  • 2010-02-05FAQ147 . Q:How much air I should inflate into my boat?
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