JILONG completes a vertical chain from producing raw materials to end products. JILONG owns production lines of PVC film, silkscreen printing, high-frequency welding, sewing, and packing.


JILONG's R&D team innovates hundreds of new products every year with superior design, quality and environmentally-friendly compliance. Requirements of the global market and safety regulations are closely monitored. Various technical parameters of each new product have been tested and verified by the internal professional lab.


JILONG products reach customers including global retailers in more than 50 countries in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia, etc. With 6 subsidiaries worldwide, we are one of the major suppliers of plastic leisure products globally.


JILONG is an export-oriented manufacturer of plastic leisure products with over 30 years of experience in R&D, high-quality manufacturing and worldwide sales. Sincerity, Practicality and Innovation has always been our business philosophy.


All JILONG Manufacturing facilities are located within specially designated development zones which offer very favorable tax policies, utilities, new up to date infrastructure, and most importantly the major portion of our workforce originates in this zone, therefore lowering employee turnover, increasing a skilled retainable workforce.


100% of JILONG’s capacity both manufacturing and component sourcing, is located within 300km of the Shanghai region.  In house mass production for  PVC sheets, flocking,  lamination, printing, welding, filter pumps,  metal frames and accessories provides production cost control.